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Pike County Planning Commission States Opposition to Re-designation

November 7, 2022

Matthew Osterberg, Chairman

Pike County Board of Commissioners

506 Broad Street Milford, PA 18337

Dear Commissioners:

The Pike County Planning Commission has extensively researched and assessed the Sierra Club's proposal to change the classification of the DWGNRA to a Park/Preserve. The Commission weighed the pro’s and con's and found the proposal to be unsatisfactory. The Commission passed a motion at their October 24, 2022 meeting to NOT support the Park/Preserve proposal. We seek your concurrence and backing to stop this

effort in its entirety.

This proposal, if successful, would have detrimental impacts to our region. The negative impacts far outweigh the questionable benefits that are suggested. The proposal is unclear and disjointed and would have negative impacts to our local communities, severely limited hunting opportunities, and limited accessibility to the recreation area lands as originally intended.

The impacts of COVID on area visitation gave us a glimpse of what a “Park” designation would impose. Visitation was up tremendously and severely impacted our communities due to lack of infrastructure, emergency services, parking, traffic, etc. The NPS has historically demonstrated limitations or detriments to the intent of the original legislation. Closures, fees, gates, and restricted parking are just a few of the ongoing limitations imposed on lands that were intended to be fully accessible and used by all for their natural enjoyment.

We look forward to your support in stopping this unsupported and undesirable endeavor. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding this issue.


Keith Raser, Chairman

.pdf of original letter:

Pike County Opposition
Download PDF • 692KB

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