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One way you can effectively contribute to this cause is to donate. The Delaware Water Gap Defense Fund (DWGDF) is a 501c(3) dedicated to protecting the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in perpetuity.

Any money you donate will go directly to this cause.  The officers and board members of the DWGDF volunteer our time and do not take a stipend or salary. We use funds to finance things such as:

  • Signage (ie yard signs) to create more public awareness

  • Electronic billboard space

  • Operating costs of this website

  • Covering filing fees for our 501c(3) non profit status

  • Costs of printed materials (ie informational brochures, letters to reps)

  • Envelopes and stamps for public letter writing campaigns


If you'd like to make a donation, click on the "Donate" button below, or contact Sandy Hull directly at

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Click HERE to see a current list of all counties, townships, boroughs, school districts, and congressional representatives who are opposed to the re-designation

We thank you so much for your time and attention to this issue.

Our efforts are making a difference!

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