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Delaware Water Gap Defense Fund January 2024 Newsletter

January 2024 newsletter
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January 2024

This is the first of what I hope will be quarterly newsletters to keep you informed of our progress in the fight to save the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area from the national park designation. Not everyone follows our daily postings on Facebook. We will keep you informed of presentations, meetings ...anything going on in our battle to save DEWA. You can follow our daily progress and postings on FB— ”No National Park.” 

The Defense Fund 

Who Are We 

The Delaware Water Gap Defense Fund works to prevent the efforts of any organization to change the designation of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to that of a 

National Park. 

The Fund is a 501C3 non-profit established in perpetuity to protect the Recreation Area for  all time. 

What We Do 

Outreach to Local Communities 

♦ We provide presentations to groups who want  to learn more about the impact of the proposal  on their immediate communities and  DWGNRA. 

♦ Our website is regularly updated with  information events and new findings about the  proposal. 

♦ On Facebook: No National Park provides a  forum for pertinent discussion and opinions,  for the exchange of information. 

♦ Lawn signs, banners and bumper stickers are  available to display in your neighborhood. ♦ If you wish to make a statement to your local  officials at a meeting or any gathering, we  will help you with your statement… your  words, in your voice. 

2023—We’ve been busy every day making phone calls, answering emails, posting events on Face book arranging meetings, following up with all of the phone calls, emails, developing strategies and continuously challenging the proposal to change the designation. Meetings and other activities are listed on the next page.  

Did You Know…..You can follow the progress and changes in the proposal(s) by visiting—the website for the Delaware River National Park and Lenape Preserve. I check in every other week just to see what’s changed and that’s how we found out about the revised proposal. If you’ve been following us, you know the idea of “Forest to Field Conver sion” in the Lenape Preserve is disturbing. Also on the downside is the decrease in agricultural leasing. And take note of the section on entry fees. The Alliance is proposing a prohibition of entry fees in the legislation. LEGISLATION!!  What/Where is the legislation??? I often say, it’s not what you’re’s what you’re NOT reading. Ask the hard questions. Get the right answers. 

Thank You! We’ve made great strides this past year to keep folks aware of the people and organizations pushing for this change. Over 300 lawn signs have been posted in affected areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Banners are displayed at local businesses. Presentations have been made for several organizations. Elected and appointed officials have responded positively to our efforts to stop the change. Your support and encouragement, the contacts and information shared has driven this movement. We will continue to be heard as we all SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT  


Financial Support is Always Appreciated - if you'd like to donate to the cause click HERE.

Looking Back at 2023 


Confirm Delaware Riverkeepers Network support.

New Jersey Sierra Club drops proposal support.

Confirm “No Position Taken” from National Park Conservation Association and Delaware River Basin Commission. 

Confirm PA Senator Lisa Baker opposes.


Address PA Monroe County Commissioners Confirm NJ Congressman Gottheimer oppose Confirm PA Farm Bureau oppose

Interview with Channel 13 

Address Smithfield Township Commissioners Confirm Delaware River Shad Fishermen oppose

Confirm NJ League of Conservation Voters oppose  

Confirm NJ Senator Steinhardt opposes 

Confirm PA Representative Joe Adams oppose 

Confirm Safari Club International oppose

Confirm PA Representative Madden oppose

Confirm NJOA opposes 

Confirm PA Senator Rosemary Brown oppose


Interview with Blue Ridge Cable 


Attend Green Garden State Alliance event in Princeton 

Meet with NJ Congressman Kean 

Confirm Delaware Water Gap, PA oppose 

Address Delaware Township Historical Society

Address New Jersey Fed. of Sportsmen Clubs Met with member PA Fed. of Sportsmen's Clubs


Confirm NJ Audubon Society—no position taken Address Sandyston Township Planning Board 

Trout Unlimited Logos removed from Alliance website—confirm no position taken 

Address Sussex County Commissioners

Address Montague Township  

Zoom Harrisburg, PA Sierra Club 

Address Sandyston Township 

Meet with Amendola, Gov. Murphy aide Address Warren County Commissioners


Met with Congressman Cartwright—oppose Exhibit 2-day Milford event 


Address Hercules Rod & Gun Club 

Attend Pike County Planning Board session


Revised proposal from Alliance issued Meet with Representative Adams 

Attend Sandyston Meeting –Superintendent Sapp from NPS speaking 

Address Skylands Tea Party 

Attend Sussex County Commissioners meetings

Attend DRN meeting in NY—FIMFO Participate Akenac Park event 

Address Sussex County Board of Agriculture Confirm Representative Probst oppose Attend Warren County Commissioners meetings

Met with Tara Mezzanotte—Rock Fall Project 

Exhibit NJ Highlands Coalition Rivers Conference



Address Pike County Council on Government

Attend Sussex County Commissioners Meeting

Met Congressman Kean mobile office

Attend Sussex County Commissioner meeting

Presentation Knowlton Township meeting


Presentation Birchwood Lakes  

Attend Sandyston Township meeting/Sierra Club Address Marcel Lakes HOA Board 


Meeting with Congressman Kean Staff 

Info sent to Gottheimer Environmental Policy – Rindhuss

Financial Support is Always Appreciated - if you'd like to donate to the cause click HERE.

Thank you all for your attention and efforts to support this cause. Together we are making a HUGE difference!

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